Guilty Parties

Psychoactive Richard

Director/ Writer


Place of birth: San Jose, CA

Adult beverage of choice: Pilar & Coke

Future epitaph: “Try Harder.”

Proof that being a leader usually starts with one person saying “maybe we should do this”, Richard is the one who steers the ship - so feel free to blame him if it hits an iceberg.  Although he is the member of LTS most likely to be writing or directing projects, he’s also the most likely to be shoplifting or doing illegal drugs. A true representation of the duality of man, he is.




Lisa Tom

Place of birth: Pasadena, CA

Adult beverage of choice: Saison

Future epitaph: “That’s A Wrap.”

A talented cinematographer, Lisa shoots almost all the Learn To Swim projects. She also has the misfortune of living closer to Richard than any other LTS member, which means that she has to often deal with him in person. She gets her revenge by exposing him to terrible puns.




Michael Jimenez

Place of birth: A cornfield in Nebraska

Adult beverage of choice: Black Russian

Future epitaph: “Defective Unit, Please Return to Manufacturer.”

Mike’s working relationship with Richard pre-dates Learn To Swim, which is to say that he has a level of loyalty and patience that defies comprehension. On set, Mike can be found recording sound behind the camera or acting in front of it. It is rumored that he has the capability of doing both at the same time.




Place of birth: Mesa, AZ

Adult beverage of choice: Tea

Future epitaph: “Damn, I Knew That Was Coming.”


Appointed “Hand of the King”, Seriina has the unenviable task of having to periodically explain to Richard why his silly ideas are silly. Although she is a talented actor, writer, and director, the most interesting thing about Seriina is that her lineage can be traced back to a group of pagan unicorns who were the first settlers of Norway.

Seriina Covarrubias



K.Weryick Rowles


Place of birth: Willingboro, NJ

Adult beverage of choice: Beer

Future epitaph: “Dead.”

The one member of Learn To Swim who is a bigger asshole than Richard, Kevin provides many valuable services to the team. An editor by trade, Kevin cuts many of the LTS projects and often elicits the reply “Shut up, Kevin” from both Richard and Seriina.