Humble Beginnings

It all started on a city bus. Well, that’s not exactly true, but that’s where the exact name “Learn To Swim” was spawned. As much as it would make a cool story of how the plight of the working class gave birth to our desire to create art, the ideas behind Learn To Swim started years before.

During film school, Richard Martinez fell in with some of the outcasts of the film department (including a multi-talented Mike Jimenez). They made lots of strange films and had a good time doing it. As they say, however, all good things must come to an end. Richard continued to work with Mike on various projects, but many of their other film school collaborators moved onto other paths and geographical locations.


While looking to recapture some of that film school spirit, the universe lent a helping hand when Seriina Covarrubias walked into an audition room for a film Richard and Mike were making. The film was never finished, but Seriina would eventually become Richard’s ultimate collaborator and partner and crime. Along with Seriina’s husband, editor Weyrick Rowles, the original core of the production company was in tact. Now it just needed a name to make it official.

Fast forward to the bus ride. Richard was sitting, looking out the window and listening to music when the song “Ænema” by Tool came on. The repeated lyrics “learn to swim” really stuck with him. Though the song is about the actual destruction of L.A. through a tsunami, Richard thought as a metaphor for taking on the Hollywood industry through indie film was a perfect name for a production company.

Looking for Inspiration


And hence Learn To Swim was born. The group began working and collaborating on several shorts, web content, and even a podcast for a while. In 2014, Richard first worked with Lisa Tom and their chemistry was instant. Lisa fit in with the whole group and was officially made the fifth member of LTS at the beginning of 2016.

Going forward, the Learn To Swim team has a lot on their plate, including a recently shot feature film, a web series in development, and many more dventures ahead!

1, 2, 3 Take Off