And From Nothing, There Was Something

My name is Richard Martinez and I don’t know how to properly start a blog, especially the very first post. There was a meeting, about five minutes ago, that was very short. It involved Seriina (the appointed Hand Of The King of LTS) turning to me and saying “I need you start blogging”. To which I replied “Okay.”

If only all meetings could be conducted with such clarity.

So what is Learn To Swim and who am I? To start, let’s cover the basics - we are a production company, not a service that teaches people how to swim. If you would like to learn how to swim, I’m confident there are some fine places in your neighborhood that can help you out. If you really need to learn how to swim because of some sort of emergency, you really came to the wrong place and I would like to remind you that we are in no way liable for your predicament.

As a production company, we strive to do what any production company does - create moving pictures. We tend to gravitate towards the odd side of the spectrum when choosing content, but that’s only because we’re odd people.

In regards to who I am - for the most part, I’m your standard human being. I walk upright and prefer oxygen as a thing to breathe. I suppose I am in charge of this whole experiment, but as has already been demonstrated, that usually just means I say yes or no to ideas that other people have. ‘Tis a very strange thing for a self-proclaimed anarchist to be in charge of anything.

But Learn To Swim is my baby, and as with any baby it’s probably a good idea for me to look after it. So I do so, by creating content with the carefully chosen Inner Circle and the other poor souls we enlist to help us on our mission.

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