The Rita and Meeka show

I got to sit down with Seriina and Giselle last night to read through a new scene I wrote for IBTM&TO. The scene will likely go at the end of the credits and will set up the follow up feature we'll be writing this year. It was nice to revisit the characters of Rita and Meeka, but I also like doing early read-throughs for another reason.

It seems beneficial to me to involve actors in the script revision process. When I get the script where I think I like it, I like hearing the actors read it and then together come up with any necessary changes on the spot. Actors are creative people too and bringing their voice into the characters they embody only makes the dialogue stronger!

Anyhow, next we need to cast one more role for the scene and then we can look to shoot it soon! Still have one more section to worry about after this, but the finish line on this film is definitely in sight!

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