Long Beach Pride Weekend

Our chosen home city of Long Beach is having their Pride Weekend at this very moment.! We've been so busy getting the website up and running, I almost forgot about it completely. I just wanted to say a few words on why Pride is still relevant and important in my view...and what that has to do with film.

First and foremost, it should be noted that although I am speaking for myself, I can say with 110% confidence that all members of the LTS inner circle and probably almost anyone we work with feel the same way I do about the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, of the five members of the inner circle I think we collectively claim at least four identities. I don't know, I never really asked.

Anyhow, even though we won the big gay marriage battle, there is always work to be done. A significant enough percentage of the population still harbors hateful views and there are still politicians in power who will push through discriminatory legislation if we don't continue to fight.

The reason this has to with our philosophy, film, and art in general is because as artists we strive to represent ourselves and our community through our art. And as part of our mission statement, we try to encourage other voices to be heard as well. Representation from all sectors of the population benefits the art community as a whole and events like Pride can only help to embolden LGBTQ+ artists to tell their stories.

In sum, have fun and be safe friends! Only one of us is with you physically this year, but we're all with you in spirit.

In solidarity,


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