What Would Wonder Woman Do?

Episode #1 of a new web series we co-produced is up! A bit of a surprise, considering we didn't really talk about it publicly at all beforehand. We decided to keep this one close to the chest until release, partly because we were a little afraid of having the idea swooped up before we could do it. So here's a quick story of how this came to be.

Rewind to last month - I got a message from Amy McRoberts, an actress I had worked with on set as a crew member years ago. I quite like Amy, but she is mostly an acquaintance and it was odd for her to message me out of the blue. She said she wanted to "pick my brain" about something. She called later that day and she began to ask for advice on how to go about getting this idea she had produced. The gist of the idea was that it would be a series focused on Wonder Woman addressing everyday feminsit issues. I enjoyed the idea so much that we talked for over two hours and by the end of the conversation I was committed to co-producing the series.

From there, things continued to progress pretty quickly. With the release of the Wonder Woman movie looming, we thought it best to release as close to that date as possible Amy wrote the scripts and I naturally tapped Lisa and Mike to crew the shoot with me. We shot the first two episodes earlier this week and are shooting the rest next week, for a total of six. If things go well, we hope to shoot more and release them around the time of the Justice League film. Enough of my blabbing, here's the first episode, in which Wonder Woman encouters a manspreader. Enjoy, new episodes will be released on Fridays!

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